Tuesday 27th July 2010
Day 32 - Hervey Bay to Dicky Beach - 223kms.

This morning at Fraser Lodge HP, Hervey Bay, my outside sensor showed plus 10.1° at 7:05am.

I finally woke Marg about 6:30am, and it was blood well raining, I packed up in the rain and we left Fraser Lodge at 8:45am. Most of the drive was done in light rain with patches of blue sky, we had breaks at Maryborough and Gympie. We arrived at Dicky Beach at 12:10pm and setup camp on site 40, we did a full setup including 2 awning walls as it is always windy at Dicky Beach. It took about 2.5 hours to complete the setup as I had to contend with drizzle. The Satellite Dish only took about 1 minute to find the bird, so I was rapt. Mid afternoon,I went and had a beautiful shower and about 4:30pm, Marg and I walked over the road to the shops and ordered fish and hamburgers for dinner. We are back at camp watching Deal or No deal and are ready for bed. We are buggered. So tonight will be a very early night.

Tomorrow, we are off to the Dicky Beach Surf Club to re-register our membership and will probably go to Kawana Shoppingworld.

No photos for today.

Wednesday 28th July 2010
Day 33 - Visiting Eumundi Markets, Sunshine Coast.

I was woken by the rain at 6am, it was quite loud on the roof, but managed to lay in bed and listen to the radio with my headphones.
Marg and I decided to go to Eumundi Markets, but with it raining intermittently, Marg didn't want to go, but we decided to go and if it rained, we would have a nice drive anyway. We arrived at Eumundi and it had stopped raining for the entire time that we were there, so we were very pleased. Marg reckons that the quality of the stalls were better than the Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast. We only bought fudge and that was yumma.

After the market, we headed to Noosa, to see if the Hotel is still on Hastings Street that we stayed at in 1981, we think it is. Boy, has Noosa changed in 29 years. Strange about that. We took the coast road (David Low way) back to Maroochydore, as we were driving we were getting covered in salt spray, as it was quite windy. I was only thinking that it would good if it rained to wash away the salt. My prayers were answered, it fell out of the sky for about 10 minutes. We drove to Kawana Shoppingworld, that is the usual shopping centre that we visit. Lunch was purchased from Michel's Patterisse(sp), I asked the waitress, if Rachel the Cappaccino maker from last year still works there, she does, because she makes patterns with the chocolate on the foam, like no one else. I will talk to her later in the week.

Back at camp, we walked over to the Dicky Beach Surf club to renew our membership, which we did. I walked back to camp and Marg just had to visit the pokies to see if they were still alright. Good news, the pokies are still OK. Lucky.
Around 6pm, the skies opened and it pissed down. Dinner tonight were nachos.

Tomorrow, nothing is planned yet, well actually, it sort of is. Luke and Jodi maybe calling in about 2pm on their way to Noosa.

Marg just browsing.

Eumundi Markets.

Eumundi Markets.

Thursday 29th July 2010
Day 34 - Relaxing in Dicky Beach.

I awoke about 6:30am, it was wet outside, but managed to lay in bed and listen to the radio with my headphones.
Marg and I decided to go to Bunnings to buy a rug to fit between the slideouts, the rain fell out of the sky on the way to Bunnings. Luke and Jodi arrived 12;30pm on their way to Noosa for the weekend, it was great seeing Luke again and also great to meet Jodi for the first time, she is lovely.
During the afternoon, I watched the Movie "The Hurt Locker", it was great. At the end of the movie, I went over to the Surf club and had a couple of chilled refreshers, while Marg played the pokies.

Tomorrow, the 4 of us are going to Australia Zoo.

No Photos for today.

Friday 30th July 2010
Day 35 - Visiting Australia Zoo.

Today, we are off to the Australia Zoo with Luke and Jodi picking us up about 9:30am, so I set the alarm for 7am. I didn't need it.
Marg and I last visited the Zoo 2 years ago and loved it. We were picked up about 10 minute late, that is slack. The weather was sunny, with some clouds.
We arrived at Australia Zoo about 10:10 and proceeded straight to the Elephant feeding area, as Marg, Luke and Jodi wanted to feed them, I took photos. After that it was over to the Crocoseum to watch the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, it consisted of snakes, birds and crocs. Brilliant as usual. From there, over to Roo Heaven to feed the roos, this is when we started to notice the lizards and dragons that roam the zoo grounds. We purchased 2 bags of roo food and the usual threesome started feeding the roos, guess what, I took photos. After feeding the roos, we still had some roo food left, so Marg gave it to the school kids there, they thought it was Xmas. Their minders hadn't bought them any roo food. Continuing on our zoo journey, we stopped at the Jabiru, Brolgas and Emus on our way to the elephants. We sat in the shade near the elephants and had our lunch, which consisted of bread rolls with various fillings made by Marg and coke. The elephant aroma was a tad overpowering.
Next was a visit to the Tigers, they were just chillin' out with 3 handlers in their enclosure, I don't think that the Tigers ate them, as we left before they did. Walking back via the Elephants and a souvenir shop, we exited the souvenir shop with a stuffed elephant and also at the tiger's souvenir shop, we also bought a tiger in Khakis called Steve. Continuing on our epic journey, we walked through the koala's area and the Red Roo area, I think that the Red Roos were replaced by ordinary roos. On our way to the snakes, we walked through the rainforest avairy, then past the wombat enclosure, then we hit the snakes. My favourite snake of all time is the Inland Taipan aka The FIERCE Snake - the world's most potent little sucker, it can drop a 100 full grown men. That is one mean mother.
After leaving the snakes, we came across Becky Jo who just happened to be walking past with a beautiful macaw on her arm, more photos. We now had to check out all the crocodile pens, which we did. By the way, did I tell you that there are lizards and water dragons, running free everywhere. If I didn't, well they are.
Past the dingo enclosure, not as nice as the Fraser Island dingoes, nah only joking. I had to show Aggro the croc to Luke or is it the other way, because he wanted to see a large croc and Aggro didn't let us down (see photo, nice mouth and teeth). We are now getting towards the end of our epic journey, so it was off to see the turtles and tortoises. A crazy water dragon entertained us by jumping on the back of one of the turtles/tortoises - see photo. On the way to the big souvenir shop, we came upon a statue of the Irwin family, so it was time for a family snap. As we left the souvenir shop on our way to the car, I noticed that some of my money had changed into plastic bags with Australia Zoo emblazoned over them, filled with a stubby holder and of course, KING JULIEN XIII of Madagascar fame.

Tomorrow, a quiet day, probably goto the Surf Club for Pokies, Beer and Dinner.

Waiting to feed the elephants.




Crocoseum - the excitement is infectious.

A small snake.

A Jabiru flies in.

He's braver than me but only just.

A tad bigger than our Cyril.

Mother and Son (A good name for a TV show).

A male Jabiru (Male = black eye).

A lovely couple. The elephants I mean.

Nice pussy.

A sleeping Koala. How rare is that?

My favourite snake.

Becky-Jo and her Macaw.

Lizards everywhere.

Nice mouth, Aggro.

Crazy water dragon.

What is Wayne doing to Steve? Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ahh. That's better. Nice shirt.

Bye, Bye until next time.

The child bride.

A lovely couple.

King Julien XIII and Steve.

Saturday 31st July 2010
Day 36 - Hangin' around Dicky Beach.

A very mild night, I only had a single blanket and then I was a tad warm. Of course, Marg didn't need a blanket.
After yesterday's epic journey around the Aussie zoo, today is rest day or do bugger all day. We visited Kawana Shoppingworld, our local shopping centre about 10kms away, but we like it. First item on my shopping list was a haircut, so a number 4 crewcut later, I met up with Marg for a coffee then food shopping, we are cooking roast lamb in the turbo oven for tomorrow's night dinner.
Back at camp, Marg had to go over to the Surf club to book a table for dinner, very strange that it took 1.5 hours to do that, she said something about hurting her leg as she passed the pokies, so she rested in the pokies room, until her leg felt better. I believe her, millions wouldn't.

Back from a lovely dinner at the Surf Club, I had a chicken parma and Marg had a lamb shrank, both very nice. We left before the band started.

Tomorrow, nothing planned at present.

No photos for today.

Sunday 1st August 2010
Day 37 - Hangin' around Dicky Beach.

Another mild night, as we didn't have anything planned, there was no need to leap out of bed and do something, so we laid in bed and watched Weekend Sunrise. Eventually, we did get up and mid morning, we walked over to the shops for a coffee, but instead, we had bacon and eggs and coffee for $6.95 (Sunday special). It was yumma.

After breakky, we walked along the beach, how romantic, not really only walked down to the water's edge, sat down and watched the surfers try and catch some waves, but the swell was down due to an offshore breeze keeping them low. It was so nice just relaxing on the beach, that we have decided to stay for 2 weeks next year and so I went and booked next year's accommodation. All booked in. We spent most of the afternoon, just lazing about on our lounges, reading. I have finally got involved in my John Grisham's The Brethren, it took awhile this time to get into the book but I now can't put it down. My Amazon Kindle is great.

Mid afternoon, Marg started cooking the roast lamb in our Turbo oven, as usual, it was better than yumma.

Tomorrow, going to Kawana Shoppingworld for coffee.

No photos for today.

Monday 2nd August 2010
Day 38 - Hangin' around Dicky Beach.

A cool night, I had 2 blankets on and were still a tad cool.
We are off to Kawana Shoppingworld for a coffee, later in the morning, after we get our act together. Coffee was nice, on the way back to camp, we stopped for fuel and I overinflated the tyres, so tomorrow morning I can set them to the correct pressure.I have packed away the awning and the front and side shades in readiness for tomorrow's departure.

It is time to go and sit in the SUN (big WARM yellow ball in the sky) and read The Brethren, the book has sucked me in. Later in the arvo, Marg and I will go over to the DBSC (Dicky Beach Surf Club) for something different, pokies, beer and dinner. Ohh no, that isn't different afterall. Dinner was excellent, I had Monday's special 250gm T Bone with chips and salad, while Marg had Indian food, both were yumma.

Tomorrow, we are off to Broadwater Tourist Park, Southport - 168kms.

Our current itinerary:
    1. Dicky Beach - Last night
    2. Southport - 49 nights.
    3. Somewhere between Southport and Home - 21 nights.

Site 40 - Dicky Beach CP.

Site 40 - Dicky Beach CP.

Site 40 - Dicky Beach CP.

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Heading to Southport.