Day 80 - Thursday 25th June 2009
Innot Hot Springs to Wonga Beach - 208kms.

Another cool night, but awoke to a chilly, cloundless, windless, sunny morning.

Today, up at 6:30am and showered, the amenities here at Innot Hot Springs are clean and good. Marg awoke early and suggested that we goto Ravenshoe for shopping, as we were already going there to use their public dump point. So we left, I think that we were the second van to leave, must be a record for us. Arrived at Ravenshoe, only 20kms up the road, parked in the free camp behind the main street. Went and did the shopping in the Foodbarn and then decided to have breakfast at the cafe next door. Very yumma.
We drove through Atherton, Mareeba, Mount Molloy and stopped at a few lookout spots while driving down the mountains. Arrived at Pinnacle Village about 1pm and setup camp. We have decided to extend our stay by 2 days if our site hasn't been booked.

Marg has hurt her back, so she is taking it very easy, hopefully, she will ok soon. I cooked dinner tonight, 3 frozen pizzas, gee, I am a great cook.

Our current itinerary: This has changed to allow us stay 2 extra days at Wonga Beach.
    1. Wonga Beach, 40kms north of Port Douglas - 5 nights
    2. Cardwell - overnighter
    3. Townsville - 7 nights
    4. Belyando Crossing - overnighter
    5. Sapphire - 5 nights - more fossicking.
    6. Don't know yet - 13 nights.
    7. Dicky Beach - 7 nights
    8. Southport - 42 nights.

Tomorrow, we hope to do the Mossman Sugar Mill tour, if they are open.

Parking in Ravenshoe - behind the main street.

This place is a tad windy.

Wonga Beach is down there somewhere.

Day 81 - Friday 26th June 2009
Relaxing at Wonga Beach.

Wonga Beach is humid and warm to very warm, not as humid or hot as Darwin, but close. The AirCond is back on at night while we sleep.

About 9am I rang the Mossman Sugar mills and booked in for the 1:30pm tour. In the meantime, I washed the mighty Navara with fresh mountain dew, well fresh water anyway. The car came up very well, all the bore water marks on the duco have gone. It looks great.
We got to the mill about 1pm, as we left early and it is only about 25kms from Wonga Beach. As it turned out we were the only 2 people on the 1:30pm tour, Shelley on guide, who happens to be a bit of a stunner, took us all over the mill, while it was operating. We watched the cane trucks come in and empty and then watch the cane go through the shredder, cleaner and finally, come out as raw sugar. It was a very interesting tour, Marg took notes, as she will tell the kids back at school. After the tour, we found a Woollies and did some food shopping and it just happen to have a liquor shop, so I bought a slab of Carlton Mids.
Mossman is a very nice quiet town.

Back at camp, Marg was up for a walk to the beach. It is paradise.
Dinner tonight was roast chook and avocado with mayonnaise on very fresh bread, absolutely yumma. As it is still humid, I had to wash dinner down with some chilled refreshers

Tomorrow, we are off to Mossman for the street markets.

Waiting for the cane train crossing Mossman's main street.

Start fo the Mossman Sugar Mill tour.

Wonga Beach CP beach.

Day 82 - Saturday 27th June 2009
Mossman's markets.

Wonga Beach is humid and warm to very warm, not as humid or hot as Darwin, but close. The AirCond is back on at night while we sleep.

First thing this morning, I rang Dicky Beach CP to see if we could arrive earlier, they could give us 4 days, so now we are there for 11 days. We left about 9:30am for the short drive into Mossman, to check out the market. Typical market, very small when you compare it to Mindil Beach markets in Darwin with their 260 stalls, here in Mossman there were about 20 stalls selling fruits and vegies, and gemstones etc. Did I say gemstones, shock horror, Marg bought some gemstones, nice guy who ran it. I bought 4 bananas and a punket of strawberries, oh yeah, Marg also bought 3 garments.
After we left the market we stopped in the centre of Mossman and checked out the shops in the main street. Two coffees and scones, cream and jam later and a Mossman stubby holder plus a figurine of a pelican, we left Mossman and headed back to camp. Mid afternoon, we visited the CP's pool, they were beautiful.

Tomorrow, we are sightseeing upto Cape Tribulation.

Mossman markets - Gemstones.

Check out the trees.

Mossman's main street.

Day 83 - Sunday 28th June 2009
Sightseeing at Daintree River and Cape Tribulation.

It was cooler last night, so the AirCond wasn't needed, the humidity had dropped.

We left about 9am to check out when the Daintree River cruises were on. We made it in time for the 9:30am cruise, they were 3 women with us. First, we spotted about 5 crocodiles, various birds and no snakes, usually you should see some pythons, we did see a green frog on the wharf.
After the cruise, we drove about a kilometer to the Ferry ($19 for a return ticket). The Daintree river at the ferry crossing has about 2.5 meters of tide heights, we crossed at low tide and I don't think that we could get the van on the ferry, the back of the van would definitely hit. The road from the ferry to Cape Trib was approx 30kms and it is narrow, extremely windy and hilly, a bugger to drive.
My impression of the drive was as soon as you drove off the ferry, the road was covered by the rainforest, it looked awesome. We visited the ice cream factory and came away with Choc Mocca, Double choc, rum and raisin, Mango and Choc mint, my three were bloody yumma and Marg was happy with her Choc Mocca. We had lunch at Cafe on Sea, the cafe was hidden within the rainforest and about 10m off the beach. It was a very pleasant drive and I am glad that we did it.

Tomorrow, we are sightseeing upto the Daintree Village.

Crocs of the Daintree river.

Daintree River ferry.

Daintree river in all its beauty.

Marg on the beach at Cafe on Sea.

Me at Cape Trib beach - can't swim because of the Crocs.

Returning back across the river.

Day 84 - Monday 29th June 2009
Sightseeing between Daintree and Mossman.

Warm again, the AirCond was back on, pleasant sleep.

Mid morning, we drove to Daintree, it was a nice little village, the shopping strip is about 50 meters long on both sides of the street. We checked out the river cruises, nothing any different from the cruises at the Ferry crossing. We called in at Wonga Beach village, and it was very nice, the council run CP backs onto the beach under the palms etc, a typical rainforest look. I reckon from what I saw, that we may have strugged to get our fiver in the CP. Where we stayed at the Pinnacles CP was excellent, if you want some room ask for a site in the BBQ area, it was at least 50m x 30m and for our stay there were 3 of us for one day, 2 motorhomes and us, and for 4 days just George (28ft Motorhome) and us, we had heaps of room.
After we drove around Wonga Beach, next call was Newell Beach, in the tourism document, Newell Beach has the best take away Burgers and Fish and Chip shop in the area, we decided that lunch would be a nice big burger, so we headed for Newell Beach, only problem the best take away Burgers and Fish and Chip shop in the area has gone belly up. She was no longer operating, one large empty premise. So we continued on our way to Mossman, onto Woollies and then into the Bakery for lunch, but first, we had to stop for a cane train. Finally, back to camp to eat lunch and relax and about mid afternoon, it was time for a dip in the pool. very refreshing. Slowly started to pack the site in readiness for tomorrow's drive to Cardwell.

Tomorrow, we are driving to Cardwell - 277kms.

Daintree, here we come.

Cyril's rels have been here - Wonga Beach.

The beach at Wonga Beach.

Rainforest to the water's edge...Beautiful.

The mighty Navara in the rainforest.

We stopped for this. Cane train.

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