Sunday 26th April 2009
Day 20 - Erldunda to Kings Canyon - 273kms.

The weather this morning is CRISP, beautiful blue skies, no wind, no clouds but cold 5.3c outside at 6:30am. It was still warm when I went to bed last night, so I left the windows open with a cool breeze just wafting through. Bad mistake, I started off with just a sheet and as the night got cooler, the first blanket went on and later the second blanket. I was very warm.
Some of you may think why not just cuddle up to the child bride, well after 31 years of marriage, say no more.
We are about to pack up camp for our drive to Kings Canyon, about 273kms away. The drive was uneventful, which was good.

We arrived at 12:30pm and setup camp, there is NO NEXT G PHONE OR INTERNET RECEPTION at Kings Canyon Resort. What will I do, withdrawal symptons are appearing already. I know, let's go helicoptering.
We booked the 15 minute helicopter tour around Kings Canyon and surrounds ($130 each) tour for 4pm. I hope we come back alive...

We made it, what a great flight. The helicopter shaked and rattled as we took off, but we got airbourne and headed over the Kings Canyon Resort then onto Kings Canyon and the surrounding hills and cliffs. It held 3 passengers and the pilot, I sat in the front left seat and Marg sat in rear left seat and a young Asian woman (who could hardly speak any English and just started working at the Resort) sat in the rear right seat. I just continually took photos. The helicopter cruised about 1,500 feet and then about 500 ft above the rim of the canyon and the cliff tops. We reached about 100 knots top speed, but cruised around 40 knots. The view was very spectacular, then it was over - Thanks K.Rudd for the money. After this, as we still have money leftover from Kev, we have decided on a 30 minute helicopter tour over Ayres Rock and the Olgas, that should put a hole in the remainder of Kev's money.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Kings Canyon to walk along the valley.

273kms to go.

Rest Area.

Still on the way.

Can you believe this?

Another Rest Area.

More scenery.

This is where QANTAS made their ad with the choir on the cliff edge.

More scenery.

Kings Canyon.

Mac Donnell ranges in the background.

More scenery.

Dry mud flats.

Our van in the middle of the photo.

Coming into Land.

Coming into Land.

Coming into Land.

Coming into Land.

Our helicopter - Marg and the girl who came with us.

Monday 27th April 2009
Day 21 - Going out to see Kings Canyon.

The weather this morning is CRISP, beautiful blue skies, no wind, no clouds, down to 10c outside overnight. As we drove into the Resort, there was a sign about the dingoes, I didn't read it until later. It appears that the dingoes are a bit of a problem, they roam around the campground and last night, I was awoken twice with their howling. It is quiet eerie listening to their noise. I would not feel safe sleeping in a tent, especially if I had a baby or was that at Ayres Rock.

We went to Kings Canyon this morning and took the creek walk. Looking up at the rock walls was awesome. I think that the rim walk would have killed us. Back at camp we did some shopping, not much, because it is expensive, eg. Kirks 1.25litre software was $4.60. I spent most of the afternoon on my laptop, resizing the photos, ready to upload to the internet tomorrow, when we arrive at Ayres Rock.
It's 2pm and we are expecting Les and Jeanette to arrive, they were leaving Ayres Rock this morning.
At 3pm while having a nanna nap, Jeanette arrives at our door, we join them and Ron and Michelle for an afternoon chat, and at sunset we wandered over to the sunset viewing platform and watched the sun set on Kings Canyon, naturally, I took photos.

Tomorrow, we are going to Ayres Rock - 300kms.

Are we there yet?

First step on another adventure.

Decisions, decisions, which way!!


This is better.

Nice Rock!

I see you.

I still see you.

They are still there, those guys did the rim walk.

The walls were very impressive.

The walls were very impressive.

The walls were very impressive.

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