30th May 2008
Tin Can Bay to Bundaberg.

Fri 30th May

Today, it poured all day so my idea to drive straight through to Yeppoon disappeared. We packed up in the rain.
We drove in the rain. About 5 kms from Maryborough the road was covered with flood waters for approx 100m. Fortunately it was only about 20mm deep, no dramas.
Stopped for maccas at Maryborough in the rain. Setup camp at Glen Lodge CP Bundaberg in the rain.

Driving in the rain just outside Maryborough - 30th May.

More rain.

More rain.

31st May 2008
Visited Bundy Rum Distillery.

Sat 31st May

More rain today, so off to the Bundy Rum Distillery for the tour.
Luckily, during the tour it only drizzled, so we didn't get that wet.
We bought some samples, a Bundy Polo shirt, a gift pack of Bundy Liqueur and rum.

The Home of Bundy - 31st May.

Entry to Bundy.

Bundy examples.

Some more examples.

Some more examples.

My Bundy Gift pack (2 x 700ml Liqueur plus a 700ml Bundy rum).

Sun 1st June

It is official, Bundy closes on a Sunday.
We went to 2 shopping centres and both were closed, so we drove to Bargara down on the coast. Oh yeah, did I tell you that it is still raining. I dropped Marg off at the Across the Waves Sports Club to play the pokies, went back to camp and watched another 2 episodes of Underbelly.
That was our Sunday.

2nd Jun 2008
Bundy to Yeppoon.

Mon 2nd Jun

No more rain. yippee....

Left Bundy around 9:30am and drove to Miriam Vale, via the back road, which was quite suitable for us. At Miriam Vale, we stopped for a break and found a couple parked opposite us, who had a baby kangaroo with them. They turn out to be a wildlife rescue couple, so Marg had to cuddle the joey who was 4 months old.

We have lunch in a small town called Mt Larcom. Their specialty was Big Mammas pies which I had and Marg had a crab sandwich. As I love pies, Big Momma pies rate up there with Big Dads pies.

We arrived at Beachside CP, Yeppoon about 2:30pm and setup camp. I had my first audience watching me back the fiver. I did it first go and I was very impressed with this effort. About 2 hours later as we were sitting outside having a chilled refresher, Macka17 (Caravan forums) arrived to say hi.

TV reception is excellent, except there is no channel 9, something to do with a contractor being slack.

Oh yes, did I mention that the sun is out. It was the first time on our trip that we went to sleep with all hatches fully open and some windows open and only a light blanket. What a mild night, Macka probably had his electric blanket on, being a local.

Marg and Joey.

Marg and Joey.

rest stop at Miriam Vale Footy Oval.

3rd & 4th Jun 2008
Touring around Yeppoon.

Tues 3rd Jun

Went shopping in Yeppoon.
Visited Jaycar and purchased a new XC0336 weather station for $59, the original cost me $99.95.
Macka came around and invited us to dinner at his home. A top night.

Wed 4th Jun

Today was washing day. The weather was beautiful - about 25 and clear blue skies. (Macka finally came through.)
In the afternoon I drove to Emu Park and took some photos.

The sharpie is a memorial devoted to Kim Neilsen who died on 20th Oct 2006. This was a brilliant idea.
We had 4 couples come through our 5th Wheeler today, so Phil if you read this we want commission.
The BBQ was in use tonight, a very pleasant evening.

Tomorrow we leave Yeppoon and stop at Sarina Palms for an overnighter.

Beachside CP - Our Camp - Yeppoon - 3rd June.

This beach is 50m from our camp.

Beachside CP.

Washing Day.

Sharpie at Keppell Bay Sailing Club.

View of Yeppoon from the south hill.

5th Jun 2008
Yeppoon to Sarina(Overnighter).

Thur 5th Jun

Left Yeppoon approx 9:30am.
Overcast and cool for driving. Stopped at Camila for lunch. Another uneventful drive and very little traffic.
Arrived at Sarina approx 2:15pm and setup camp. It was 28 inside the van and humid.

Our site at Sarina Palms.

Our site at Sarina Palms.

Our site at Sarina Palms.

6th Jun 2008
Sarina to Airlie Beach.

Fri 6th Jun

We were heading to Adventure Whitsunday which is called the Green Frog. When we woke this morning what was on our door handle? - a green frog.
Left Sarina approx 9:00am. Fine and sunny.
Stopped in Mackay for diesel. Heaps of traffic in Mackay. Stopped twice in rest areas, but got to Airlie before noon.
Airlie Beach Adventure Whitsunday CP is a kid's paradise. It deserves its top rating. We are on site 36. After setting up camp, Marg went for a swim in the pool and I went and read my book. As we relaxed after dinner, Marg said how much she loves this place, so we are staying an extra 2 days, 7 days in total.

Green Frog omen.

Views at Adventure Whitsunday.

Views at Adventure Whitsunday.

7th - 12th Jun 2008
Touring around Airlie Beach.

Sat 7th Jun

Up at 7am to visit the Airlie Beach foreshore markets. Just another market, but Marg loves them. We didn't buy anything.
After a walk through the markets we drove to Shute Harbor for a look. It is very hilly.
Most of the day, we just relaxed at camp and read.

Adventure Whitsundays Resort CP - Our Camp - Airlie Beach - 6th June.

Shute Harbour.

Shute Harbour.

Sun 8th Jun

Weather today was warm and overcast with an occasional shower.
Walked up and down the main street of Airlie Beach. I bought 2 Hawaiian shirts - very colourful.
Setup the Sat dish today, just to make sure everything is working correctly and it was.
Went to Big W and bought some TV cables, now I can watch TV (Digital, Analogue or Satellite) without changing the TV cables. Also tidied up the cables from our laptops.
Sat outside and read for a couple of hours, then watched the V8s on TV.
Dinner was egg and bacon sandwiches. yumma.
No Photos today I left the camera back at camp.

Mon 9th Jun

Weather today was warm and overcast with an occasional shower - same as yesterday.
Buggered about camp and watched the V8 supercars on TV.
Only got the last episode of Underbelly to watch. What a great series.
I am just over half way through my John Grisham book (A Time to Kill).

Tue 10th Jun

Weather today was warm and overcast with an occasional shower - same as the past couple of days.
We drove into Proserpine today, to check it out. Nothing startling. On the way back to camp, we went into Airlie Beach to visit the shops that were closed on Sunday. A big mistake.
We visited yet another souvenir shop. We have started collecting Pelicans. Why? No idea. It maybe that, where Jay and Luke live on the canals in Surfer that there are pelicans that come and visit them.
Anyway, we are collecting pelicans.

Thu 12th Jun - Major drama today.

I went to get diesel as usual, nothing out of the ordinary until I tried to pay. Gave the checkout chick my visa, swiped it and it was declined. We did this 4 times. In the end I used my MasterCard.
Dropped Marg back at camp and went to the NAB Airlie Beach branch to front the staff and find out who has stuffed my visa card. The teller rang Cards Melbourne and after a 30 minute wait, it appears that my visa had been compromised. Someone had hacked it. So I left the branch a very meek and mild person. In actual fact, the Cards Fraud department had flagged my card as possible fraud. A big thank you to the mighty NAB establishment. There were 2 transactions totalling $115 that were fraudulent.
My visa card has been cancelled and a new card is winging its way to the Cairns branch so I will pick it up there and away I go, spending again.

Airlie Beach beach path.

Airlie Beach beach path.

Airlie Beach hotel.

Airlie Beach main street.

our truck at Airlie Beach.

George and the boys.

11th Jun 2008
Cruising the Whitsunday islands.

Wed 11th Jun

Up at 6:30am to be picked up by the courtesy bus at 8am from the entrance at our camp. No driving today.

We left the marina at 9am, I took heaps of photos of the yachts in the marina. There was a 20kt SE blowing and lumpy seas, and our mighty Good Ship Voyager pushed its way up to Whitehaven Beach. We stayed there for an hour, Marg went for a swim and I read a book.

Next port of call was Hook Island Resort. The trip there was good,. We were going with the seas so it was smoother. This was where we were going to do our snorkelling. We tied up at the jetty and walked overland to the resort, where we were given snorkelling equipment. I was the first one to go snorkelling. Everyone was slow. The water wasn't as clear as when Marg and I did it 6 years ago, but it was still nice. The water was warm, no need for a wetsuit. After snorkelling we wandered back to the jetty, where we were put in a glass bottom boat and off to view the coral. This was brilliant.

Next port of call was Daydream island.
Back on board the Good Ship Voyager and heading towards Daydream Island, it was beer time. I had a can of XXXX and Marg had a small bottle of 'Yellow' $13.50 later I decided that this was a one drink boat trip. (Jump forward a couple of hours and the lack of beer was fully rectified.) Tied up at Daydream island. We had a 60+ minute stay and wandered around the resort. Marg and I decided that the idea of holidaying on an Island resort is long gone. Too much of a rip off and not the freedom of the 5th Wheeler. Left Daydream and headed back to Airlie Beach marina, arrived just in time to sail through the yacht race. Heaps of yachts.

Caught our bus back to camp and overall a top day. A number of VBs were consumed to make up for the 'dry' boat trip.

Tomorrow is a relaxing day, I have to empty the 'shitter'. That will be fun.

We are leaving for Townsville on Friday 13th.

Good Ship Voyager.

At Whitehaven Beach.

Leaving Whitehaven - All aboard.

Hook Island Resort - We went snorkelling here.

Leaving Daydream Island.

Wednesday Afternoon Twilight racing off Airlie.

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