Photos of me from 2 years until 3 years.

15th Feb 2017 - My cute photo.

15th Feb 2017 - I am cheeky... sometimes.

16th Feb 2017 - I am just about to watch Telly and have some watermelon.

16th Feb 2017 - I am 'testing' our new bar chairs... they passed.

15th Feb 2017 - King Julian is Grandpa's favourite character. He loves Madagascar.

11th Feb 2017 - I had to show Daddy where to buy his display cases.

11th Feb 2017 - Then I had to tell how to put it together.

31st Jan 2017 - I need to tell Daddy that I am pushing 'shite' uphill, if he thinks that I can mow this. He has the 'bloody' power lawnmower.. Not me.

26th Jan 2017 - I cooked a sausage in bread on our bbq...
OK, Daddy cooked it and I loved it.
As Grandpa says "It was so YUMMA!"

27th Jan 2017 - I love my fruit.

3rd Jan 2017 - I had to help daddy fix his computer wiring.

28th Dec 2016 - Nanny gave me this for Chrissy and I love it, especially when it is hot.

27th Dec 2016 - Mum someone dropped some cream on my seat. No, It wasn't me. I ate all mine without spilling any.