Photos of me from 12 months to 18 months.

From 1st January to 30th June 2016.

Sunday 26th June 2016
We dropped into Grandma and Grandpa's Caravan park. It was cold and everyone complained about it BUT Grandpa was wearing shorts and thongs.

Grandpa left our buckets in the same spot. I found them.

It may have been cool but I still love playing in the sand.

We are off to see George and his mates, BUT they were more interested in the fishos over the creek and didn't visit us.

Grandpa had to stoop a little to hold my hand. Boy, I thought Daddy was tall.

I liked that bickie until it fell on the ground and then Grandpa wouldn't let me have it.

This is my favourite Super Hero.
His name is Dad.

Thursday - 16th June 2016 - A day at the Beach at Grandma and Grandpa's Caravan Park. I told Mum to stay home, BUT she insisted on driving me, so she came too.

Grandma, this is what you do to sandcastles. Step on them.

or just attack them with a spade.

see, it doesn't matter cause Grandpa will build more.

Grandpa "Make them stronger, they keep falling over".

Grandma "Don't interrupt us, while I have Grandpa making sandcastles".

OK Grandpa. Come on it's time to play soccer.

Grandpa "I told you that is not the way to play soccer".

I also said "If you will not play properly, I will take my ball and go. I warned you.

Grandpa is knackered after building a couple of sandcastles and trying to play soccer. He hasn't got any stamina.

Thanks Grandpa for making time to update my webpage. He and Grandma are galavanting around OZ in their van.

3rd June 16 - I am THE ladies man.

29th May 16 - This is my cutie photo.

29th May 16 - Helping Dad, washing his motorbike.

20th May 16 - I do have fun at bath time.

19th May 16 - Just building up my arm muscles.

18th May 16 - Ok. This is my cutie photo.

18th May 16 - Taking my big 'Sis' to school.

18th May 16 - just enjoying myself.

15th May 16 - With Dad. He doesn't want to race me. 'cause he knows that I will beat him.

I am NOT TOO HAPPY with Grandpa at the moment. He and Grandma are galavanting around OZ in their van, AND Grandpa hasn't updated this webpage. He is very selfish. If I wasn't such a beautiful little boy, I might have called Grandpa "A selfish Bastard". At least he has found time to show my gardening prowess photos.

30th Apr 16 - I like birds.

30th Apr 16 - It's OK, dad. I've got this weed.

30th Apr 16 - I always have to have a 'Cute photo'. And here it is.

30th Apr 16 - Hey dad, "Lift your game. You missed some over there. Gees".

30th Apr 16 - What's this dark thing following me.

30th Apr 16 - Wait up, Dad. I will bring my truck to put the weeds in.

24th Mar 16 - Mum gave me some 'yumma' vegemite.

24th Mar 16 - I think some of it went on my face.

18th Mar 16 - As you can see, I have mastered eating Spag Bol.

18th Mar 16 - I am now a BIG boy, I don't need my bath safety seat anymore. BTW Mum, you could have used a bigger car to cover my privates.

17th Mar 16 - Just playing with the spoons.

16th Mar 16 - Poppy gave me a bikkie, I got some of it in my mouth.

13th Mar 16 - Mum went to Outback Speccy and I love her hat. Grandpa has the same one and he is a fashion trendsetter (just like me).

15th Mar 16 - I was helping Mum to vacuum up the ants.

22nd Feb 16 - When I grow up, I want to be a truck driver.

I am learning to be swim or be drown proof.

30th Jan 16 - Here I am with my BIG, STRONG Dad.

30th Jan 16 - Don't let me go, Dad. I am not used to the water yet.

30th Jan 16 - Ok, I am outta here.

30th Jan 16 - I wonder if Mick Fanning started this way.

30th Jan 16 - This swimming caper, certainly takes it out of me. Grandma said "If I wee in the water that the water turns purple. Daddy, Is that true?"

30th Jan 16 - Hi Mum, I see you.

30th Jan 16 - Here I am with my mates. I wonder where all the Mums are. Probably all dry taking photos like my beautiful mum is doing.

30th Jan 16 - Hey Dad, what the bloody hell are you doing. I told you NOT to get my hair wet. You know that I am very particular about my hair.

30th Jan 16 - This photo really says it all. I loved my swimming lesson.

Visiting Wet'n'Wild on 19th January 2016.

19th Jan 16 - At Wet'n'Wild - that's Dad on the right lane.

19th Jan 16 - yes, I am very cute in my rashie.

19th Jan 16 - Mont and Ami.

19th Jan 16 - Mum and me - just chillin'.

19th Jan 16 - Ami, Mont, Dad and me.

19th Jan 16 - Dad and me.

19th Jan 16 - I am a big boy now. I can go in a raft by myself.

19th Jan 16 - What a lovely couple... that's my mum and dad, who I love heaps.

19th Jan 16 - After a magic day... I was a tad 'knackered'.