Photos of me at my 1st Birthday.

7th Jan 16 - This big pressy came from my Great Grandparents.

7th Jan 16 - It's a scooter. thanks sissy for helping me.

7th Jan 16 - I fit on the scooter, just right.

9th Jan 16 - Party Day - My Mum is just brilliant at party planning. The theme is construction.

All my mates get a hardhat.

I was site manager for the day and loved it.

Every hat had their name on it and Mason Luke Frost Constructions PL.

Here I am, in FULL OH&S approved uniform.

Every one received an ID with their own info on it. Mum is so smart.

I don't care what anyone says. I am real cute.

How nice does my cake look? I had problems keeping Grandpa from sampling it.

This is a part of what Mum did.

More of what Mum did.

That is beer in the ice tub. Very strange, I thought it was a 1st birthday party.

These are my pressies that all my friends bought me. I loved them.

This is me and Dad. Dad is on the right.

Me and my beautiful family.

Here are a few of my mates from playgroup.