Photos of me from my birth to 6 months.

31st May 15 - I met Grandpa's favourite character today - King Julian. He was real nice.

30th May 15 - Come on Dad, walking down hill is easy. Wait until we go uphill.

30th May 15 - I told Dad that walking uphill is tiring. I am bloody knackered.

31st May 15 - Kenny the Koala is soooooooo soft At Dreamworld.

26th May 15 - I may look happy BUT I had my injections today and they BLOODY WELL hurt.

2nd May 15 - I am trying to crawl.

2nd May 15 - I am REALLY trying to crawl.

27th Apr 15 - I am a spunk. Going out to Hogs Breath with Mummy, Daddy and Big Sis.

26th Apr 15 - My first Drink. Nah, I didn't really drink it, Mum's milk is nicer.

23rd Apr 15 - I have been rolling onto my tummy frequently and driving mummy crazy.

23rd Apr 15 - I was at school watching my Big Sis participating, but Mum took this photo just as I blinked. I wasn't sleeping, just totally relaxing. How nice are my new Converse runners.

6th Apr 15 - I am undecided what to wear to Dean's wedding on Saturday week. That's why we are going to Melbourne, if you didn't know. I am favouring this little number. BTW Dean is one of Dad's mates.

5th Apr 15 - I am with my new mate (EB), he is a bit funny looking, but he brings me nice stuff. BTW, today I am 12 weeks and 5 days old. (I am nearly as old as Grandpa).

31st March 15 - I am starting to lay on my tummy and loving it.

29th March 15 - Dad and me, feeling a bit buggered after watching the V8s all day.

29th March 15 - Me and my mates barracking for Lowndesy. Go Lowndesy.

29th March 15 - Where's my mate, Batman?

28th March 15 - Grandpa said "This is the safest way to fly"

28th March 15 - I do look gorgeous in my Superman outfit.

27th March 15 - Look Mum, I can fly. sort of...

27th March 15 - I can, I know that I can... fly...hopefully.

27th March 15 - I nearly rolled over today from my back to my tummy.

24th March 15 - I am beautiful.

17th March 15 - Grandpa, I want another photo with my beautiful Big Sis. Thank you Grandpa. I like this one.

17th March 15 - I love it when Mummy takes me for a drive in our nice car. I think Daddy better give it a clean. I saw some dirt yesterday.

12th March 15 - Just beautiful.

12th March 15 - Just looking good.

I am a BIG 8 weeks today. Happy 8 weeks to me. Hip, hip, hooray.

8th March 15 - Just looking good.

V8 Supercars today. Go Lowndesy. He's mine and Grandpa's favourite driver.

I'll have a quick power nap, so I can watch Lowndesy later.

I wanted to be like Hulk when I get a tad bigger.

The original Hulk Hogan.

Photo 87.

Photo 86.

Photo 85.

Photo 84 - Another nudie shot.

Photo 83 - I do love being wrapped in my bath towel.

Photo 82.

Photo 81 - Getting bigger.

Photo 80 - Is it rude to poke my tongue out.

Photo 79 - Grandpa said it wasn't.

Photo 78 - I like these photos of me.

Photo 77 - I am building up to give you a grin.

Photo 76 - Here's a quick one.

Photo 75 - I do love my big sis.

Photo 74 - I tend to fall asleep while out driving.

Photo 73 - Another busy day. It must be nap time.

Photo 72.

Photo 71.

Photo 70.

Photo 69 - Dad, who's winning. I can't read yet.

Photo 68.

Photo 67 - This photo session is so tiring.

Photo 66 - Dad said "Put your own nappy on".

Photo 65 - Move over sis, I have to edit Grandpa's website.

Photo 64.

Photo 63.

Photo 62 - Mum, I am wearing the same outfit in 2 photos.

Photo 61 - Just catching up on some missed sleep.

Photo 60 - I think that I told you that Elephant is so soft.

Photo 59.

Photo 58 - I have been known to fall asleep.

Photo 57 - This harness makes me tired.

Photo 56.

Photo 55.

Photo 54 - My serious look. Get used to it.

Photo 53 - I slept through Grandma's birthday lunch.

Photo 52 - Another serious look.

Photo 51 - My bouncer makes me sooooo tired.

Photo 50 - Back on my cot.

Photo 49 - Just having a quick power nap.

Photo 48 - I love my Grandma too.

Photo 47 - There's my favourite toy - Ellie Elephant.

Photo 46 - Me and Dad.

Photo 45.

Photo 44.

Photo 43 - My big sister is going back to school. I love my mum.

Photo 42 - and they said "I wouldn't like my dummy".

Photo 41 - Hey Dad, I'm a cutie.

Photo 40 - I have big feet, not quite as big as Grandpa..yet..

Photo 39 - I do like sleeping.

Photo 38.

Photo 37 - Simon says "Raise your arms".

Photo 36 - I told you before, I do love my elephant.

Photo 35 - I am so lucky to have a lovely big sister.

Photo 34 - I suppose this isn't my last photo.

Photo 33 - I am chillin' out on my BIG cot.

Photo 32 - Where did this red hair come from?

Photo 31 - Up yours, Grandpa.

Photo 30.

Photo 29 - Dad is sleeping a bit too much.

Photo 28 - that's better, I sleep, you stay awake.

Photo 27.

Photo 26 - I am getting better at bathtime.

Photo 25.

Photo 24 - Dreaming about Grandpa.

Photo 23 - Dad's happy, I'm not.

Photo 22.

Photo 21 - My cot is so big.

Photo 20.

Photo 19 - Dad and I are both knackered.

Photo 18.

Photo 17 - I do love my elephant.

Photo 16 - Told you - I can sleep anywhere.

Photo 15.

Photo 14.

Photo 13 - My first car trip.

Photo 12 - My first nude shoot.

Photo 11 - I can be an angel sometimes.

Photo 10 - Not rapt in this bathing caper.

Photo 9.

Photo 8 - Dad loves me.

Photo 7 - Some of my beautiful gifts.

Photo 6.

Photo 5 - Dad and me.

Photo 4 - get used to me sleeping. I can sleep anywhere.

Photo 3 - Mum and Me.

Photo 2.

Photo 1 - My loving sister.