Photos of me from 6 months until 2015 Xmas.

My Chrissy photos appear first.

25th Dec 15 - Just watching Carols as I fell asleep last night and missed them.

25th Dec 15 - Sissy with some of her pressies.

25th Dec 15 - This is my BIG Truck, only prob is I need Dad to assemble it.

25th Dec 15 - Good ole Dad. I told him how to assemble it. He didn't listen and stuffed it up. Typical. Sissy was helping as well BUT Grandma and Grandpa weren't showing much interest. They are old and in their own little world.

25th Dec 15 - With my hands full, I could only 'kick start' my truck. It worked.

25th Dec 15 - I had heaps of pressies to unwrap. It was tiring.

25th Dec 15 - I loved playing with the wrapping paper. Grandpa said for my next birthday that he will give me a roll of wrapping paper. I still love Grandpa, even if he is a little weird.

21st November 15 - I went to Daddy's work xmas party. I got a tractor and love it. Check out our 'groovy' socks.

7th Nov 15 - Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the balls, I love em.

29th Oct 15 - I do love having a massage from my daddy.

29th Oct 15 - I do love having a massage from my daddy.

25th October 15 - This is my "BIG" sister. I told her to watch what she eats. She never listens to me.

17th Oct 15 - I took my family to Seaworld today and loved it.

17th Oct 15 - Lunch was on the run, as we were busy looking for George.

17th Oct 15 - Found him - George came to say "hi". Grandpa and I love Georges.

3rd Oct 15 - I was watching the Grand Final with a chilled refresher. Go Hawks! (they won).

16th Sept 15 - Today I had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa and of course, Mummy.

12th Sept 15 - We had a party at my Play Group.

11th Sept 15 - Yep. I can fit in here.

11th Sept 15 - That was fun.

8th Sept 15 - Bath time.

8th Sept 15 - I went looking for my sock.

8th Sept 15 - This corn cob is so yumma.

The following 8 photos were taken by Uncle Jay. They are OK, but some could be lighter.

I am absolutely handsome and it is very hard to improve on perfection. as my following photos will show.

6th Sept 15 - I am so good looking... Front on..

6th Sept 15 - My profile is pretty good too.

6th Sept 15 - I am seriously thinking of becoming a male model.

6th Sept 15 - I just have that sex appeal.

6th Sept 15 - and naturally, I am just downright handsome.

6th Sept 15 - There is always someone trying to share my fame. Oh. it's Daddy.

6th Sept 15 - It was great to catch up with my Great Granny and Pappy. I did my normal cutey stuff and had them eating out of my hand. So easy.

6th Sept 15 - Here I am with Aunty Bec.

20th August 15 - At playgroup with some of my mates.

2nd Sept 15 - Mum wants me to eat this. It would be better if she put it in a bowl with a knife and fork.

20th August 15 - After Playgroup. I was knackered.

20th August 15 - At Playgroup. How many push ups can you do?

20th August 15 - At Playgroup. I am going to stare you out. Go on blink.

7th August 15 - At Playgroup. That was rather funny.

18th July 15 - We went to the Footy today at Metricon Stadium. I am absolutely knackered after barracking for my team (Suns).. We lost.

18th July - Now that is what I want.

10th July 15 - Now who put that on my nose. I didn't.

10th July - I like my fingers better than that bit of pasta.

10th July - I am still to master this eating caper.