Frosty's Aussie Adventures



Welcome to our first grandson.
Mason Luke Frost
Born 8:28am Wed 7th Jan 2015
4.623kgs - 10lb 3oz.
57cm - 22.4 inches.

Grandpa last updated my webpage on
Monday 5th December 2016 at 6:00pm.

Mason takes after his Grandpa.

Check out my latest video below.


Without my help, Mummy and Daddy would be in a real pickle.
I try and teach them to do stuff... but really.. I am pushing it uphill.
Check out the next 2 videos and you will see why.

19th July 2016 - Teaching Mummy how to put deodorant on. (Boy, does she need it!)
Check out my video. This video is 1Mb and goes for 16secs.

18th July 2016 - Teaching Daddy to play Peek-a-Boo.
Check out my video. This video is 1.5Mb and goes for 43secs.


8. Mason - 2 years onwards.
7. Mason - 18 months to 2 years.
6. Mason - 12 months to 18 months.
5. Mason's 1st Birthday.
4. Mason - 6 Months until Xmas 2015.
3. Mason - Birth to 6 Months.
2. Mason's Videos.
1. Mason's Melbourne Adventure - April 2015.

My very proud Mum and Dad with me.

Uncle Jay and Aunty Bec.

Daddy and Me.

Daddy, Jay and Me.

How beautiful, am I?

I think I am prettier than Daddy.

Am I looking in a mirror? Daddy looks like me.



The next 4 photos are my real old rels.

12th April 15 - Today was my 'bestest' day
cause I met my Great Grandma - Maureen

and my Great Grandpa - Keith.
Boy, I thought Grandpa was old.
I am a very cheeky little boy.

19th April 15 - My favourite Grandma.


19th April 15 - My one and only Grandpa
I love my Grandpa, he's a little weird.