Welcome to my first trip away.
We went to Melbourne.

Our 2015 trip.

I left home about 2am on Saturday 11th April with Daddy, Mummy and my sis Mont. Daddy drove us along the Pacific Hwy through Sydney then along the Hume hwy. We stopped overnight at Goulburn in a motel that Grandpa booked for us. I slept in the big bed with Mummy, while my big sis had her own bed and Daddy slept in another bed. We arrived at Grandma and Grandpas about 3:30pm on Sunday after a very long drive. I slept in my car seat and sometimes I cried a little bit because I was hungry.

At Grandmas, we kicked Grandma and Grandpa out of their bedroom, so mummy and daddy and me could have their room. I slept in a porta cot while mummy and daddy slept in Grandma's bed. Big Sis and Grandma slept in daddy's old bedroom in big single beds and poor Grandpa had to slept on the floor on a blow up mattress. I was very happy so really that's all that really matters.

I met Grandpa's mum and dad (Keith and Maureen - Great Grandparents), Aunty Lee and Uncle Phil and some of mummy and daddy's friends. It was really great because everyone bought me a present and also gave Mont presents as well. We went to Southland and Chadstone shopping centres plus a DFO outlet near Moorabbin airport. We also visited the Melbourne Aquarium, Zoo, saw some of the TV Block houses and finished with Dean's wedding.
Naturally, I was the best dressed person at his wedding.

Below are some of the photos that Grandpa took of my visit.

Arriving at Grandma and Grandpa's home.

I was a bit buggered when I arrived but managed to make myself at home.

12th April 15 - Today was my 'bestest' day
cause I met my Great Grandma - Maureen.

and my Great Grandpa - Keith.
Boy, I thought Grandpa was old. I am a very cheeky little boy.

19th April 15 - My favourite Grandma.

19th April 15 - My one and only Grandpa
I love my Grandpa, he's a little weird.

I was watching this old fart take my photo at the Zoo.
It was Grandpa.

The family were checking out the Gibbon.

Big sis was checking out where to go next.

Mummy and Grandma have a tiger like this, BUT theirs is stuffed.

In the Elephant viewing area.

Typical, I leave my pram and a butterfly lands on it.

A butterfly lands on Dad's hat.

Mont has one on her hand.

Watching the Elephants having lunch.

Love mum's hat, it was grandpas BUT it did keep the sun off me.

Another baby like me.

And yet another baby.

This dude is real big.

George and his mate came to say "Hi" to me and grandpa.
We both love Georges.

A Fairy penguin now called a LITTLE penguin. Go figure.

Daddy's birthday cake on 16th April. He is so old.
Not as old as Grandpa or even Great Grandpa.

My outfit for Dean and Anna's wedding.

Weddings can be so tiring.

At least I have my own pram to sleep in.

Mummy and Daddy scrub up well.

But I am still the most Gorgeous one there.