Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Rock Hunting in Ravensthorpe.

Saturday 30th Apr 2011
Fossicking at Cattlin Creek.

I woke about 4am and pulled on my 2nd blanket by 6am, I was looking for my 3rd blanket, which I didn't have, so I was cold, I got up. Self, remember to get my sleeping bag for tonight. I will be warm.
Anyway, enough of my sleeping drama. After Marg and I got up, showered and buggered about on the Internet, it was time to go fossicking. We left about 9:45am and headed towards the Cattlin Creek area. The first thing that we saw was the old Mining 'tower' of the abandoned Cattlin Creek mine. We put the mighty Navara in 4WD and drove beside the dried Cattlin creek, where we parked and then just walked along the dry creekbed and found some nice rocks. After approx 2.5 hours then we decided to drive the Ravensthorpe Wildflower 4WD trail of 30kms. Even though it is not wildflower season, we wanted to test ourselved by doing the 4Wd trail. It turns out that we drove about 10kms from Ravensthorpe into the Ravensthorpe Ranges, where we followed a fire track across the ridge and finally back to the highway and back to camp. It was great fun.

Click on the above Photo, to view fossicking and 4WD photos taken at Ravensthorpe.

Marg the rock hunter.

Marg is resting.

The old Cattlin Creek mine.

the fire trail is ace.

Some of the views.

Some of the views.

Going down.

And up.

We sometimes get sidetracked back to rock hunting.

Near the Mining Camp.