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Kalgoorlie - Gold Prospecting tour.

Saturday 16th April 2011
Kalgoorlie, WA - Gold Prospecting tour.

We are prepared for today's Gold Prospecting tour, we are even taking Harry Hema, so we wouldn't get lost.
Wish us luck, if you don't hear from us again, send the search party to the outback, we will be wandering around with a metal detector and a bag full of gold nuggets.

Well, we are back and didn't find our fortune.

We left camp about 9:15am and drove to Target, where Marg and I both bought long sleeve shirts to keep the flies off us. We parked over the road from Target in an all day car park. We walked over to Finders Keepers, which was our meeting place, we arrived about 9:45am for our 10am departure. There were 7 gold prospectors and Tom our tour man. I took Harry Hema and recorded bits of our route, we headed towards Coolgardie and turned right onto the Coolgardie North Rd and near the abandoned Sydney Mint mine we turned left and went bush or a kilometer or 2. Here we stopped and Tom gave us metal detectors and explained how it worked by putting a nugget in a hole and each detector had to find it. After that we were set on our own. We walked around in pairs and Marg and I followed the dry riverbed, well, actually a dry water bed. At one stage our metal detector went wild, we even called Tom over as we zeroed in on the noise. We were very excited, even Tom was getting excited, until all the excitement washed away. It was a bent small rusty nail. I think that this nail came off the horse that the guy who discovered Norseman rode. It looked about that age. So we found a bit of history and also a bit of modern history, as we also found a ring pull top. Very rare.
The biggest find of our group went to Alex and Rose who found a tent peg, that we reckon was used by that same guy with the horse. What a rare coincidence.
While all this was happening, Tom made a fire and cooked a BBQ lunch, sausages, hamburgers and salad. Very Yumma. After lunch, we continued with our prospecting. Marg and I continued down our dry water course and found a very small, but nice bit of rusted tin. As you can imagine, the time just flew by, it was soon time to pack up and leave. Tom said that as no one found any gold, he knew where there was real 'liquid gold'. After about 30 minutes driving, we arrived at the Ora Banda Hotel, where 7 gold prospectors then had some real 'liquid gold', Marg and I both had Carlton Mid 'Liquid gold', it was beautiful.

The next port of call for more 'liquid gold' was the Broad Arrow Tavern, here I had a pint of Hahn Extra Dry, that went down extremely well. We arrived back at Finders Keepers, smack bang on 5pm. Tom, you are a marvel.

Parking the mighty Navara in an all day car park.

Our bus outside Finders Keepers.

Our Gold Prospectors group. - A motley crew.

Our Gold Prospectors group. - A motley crew.

Our Gold Prospectors group. - A motley crew.

Marg getting herself lunch.

Our Gold Prospectors group. - A motley crew.

The real prospectors.

Marg cutting up the watermelon.

Packing up ready to head home.

Trying to get the rabble organised.

Still trying.

Inside the Ora Banda pub.

The roads we travelled on.

Inside the Broad Arrow pub. Nice guy on the left.