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Willy Wash, Rubyvale.

Thursday 27th June 2013
Visited Willy Wash, Rubyvale - Day 1.

It was meant to be a cold night, so I was prepared with ski PJs and socks plus my sleeping bag, believe it or not, I was too warm and had to take off my socks. It was a cold night, but we were both warm as.
I got up about 7am and Marg got up about 8am, we watched 'taped' Sunrise as we had brekky. I showered (very good hot water with pressure) and changed into shorts and T shirt with trakky top. The sun is out and the bit of cloud is burning off, so hopefully, it will be a nice sunny day.
Anyway, we are off to Willy Wash and Muggachino, will talk later.

Well, we are back, had a great time.
We arrived at Willy Wash, Rubyvale spoke to Glen the owner, he remembered us from last year, I don't know if that is good or not. We arrived there about 10:15am and there were already 6 other people looking for sapphires, Glen gave us a bucket of wash and away we went, I washed the wash in the willoughby and Marg looked through it. Each bucket takes us approx 40 minutes to check, we checked 3 buckets cost us $50 for 3 buckets or $20 for 1 bucket or $40 for 2 buckets, so 3 buckets was a bargain.
During the 2 hours that we were there, Glen was quite busy, which is good. When we finished Glen picked out the cutters amongst our stones and bagged them in a separate bag, that appear in the photo below, Marg still has to check the smaller stones. We said goodbye to Glen and said that we will be back tomorrow and drove about 200 meters over to Gunter's Muggachino for coffee and strudel, same order as yesterday, Marg had apple strudel and coffee, I had cherry strudel and coffee $20 in total. So while we are staying at Sapphire, I budgeted for $70 per day for 3 buckets and Gunter's coffee and Strudel. Life is tough. I think when we leave Sapphire that my waistline will be larger, I wonder why.

For the rest of the afternoon, I sat outside in the shade under the awning, updating our website and just buggering about on the internet, while Marg played her crossword puzzles and slipped in a nanna nap.

Day 1 - Marg at Willy Wash.

Day 1 - Marg in action.

Day 1 - These are our cutters for our 1st day at Willy Wash.

Day 1 - These are still to be sorted.

Our camp - Site 49.

Another view of our camp.

Willy Wash, Rubyvale.

Friday 28th June 2013
Visited Willy Wash, Rubyvale - Day 2.

It wasn't as cold as the night before, but I was prepared with ski PJs without socks plus my sleeping bag, I was warm as toast, Marg had just a blanket and she was as warm as toast.
Today was a mirror image of yesterday, watched a 'taped' Sunrise and brekky, got our daily internet fix and then off to Glen's Willy Wash for 3 buckets of wash and then over to Gunter's Muggachinnos for coffee and strudel.
BUT first, Jay who is a forum member on our Aussie Sapphire forum, had posted that she wanted to meet us, as we are in her vicinity. I sent her a'PM' and she rang me and we arranged to meet at Gunters for coffee and strudel.

We arrived at Glen's about 10:10am and there were 10 people already there sorting their buckets, we set ourselves up at one of his benches and started on our first bucket, then our 2nd bucket and finally on our 3rd bucket, by now, it was after 12:15pm and time to ring Jay to say that we would met her shortly at Gunters. The three of us met soon after and had a very enjoyable time just chatting, drinking coffee and eating strudel. After an 1.5 hours we went our separate ways. The rest of the arvo was spent just relaxing in the shade watching the world go bye. Life can be so tough at times.

Update as at 29th Dec 2017: I messaged Gunter and was informed that Glen has sold Willy Wash and his whereabouts are unknown.

Day 2 - Marg in action.

Day 2 - It was busier than Bourke St.

Day 2 - Glen checking our haul.

Day 2 - Our cutters.

Day 2 - Our other bits.

Our life style is pretty tough, but we are managing. Just!

This is Gunter's specialty.