Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Mount Hay - Thunder Eggs.

Wednesday 4th July 2012
Thunder Egg fossicking at Mount Hay.

We are back after a lovely day at Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park .

We left camp at 9:20am and arrived at Mount Hay at 9:57am. It is also a caravan park and we were discussing that next time, we may bring the fiver and stay, BUT after driving through the gates and UP the side of a mountain, we both decided that we will NOT be staying there. Anyway, we drove up the steep, winding road come drive to the main area, parked the mighty Navara in the parking area and walked over to the shop, where we met Don the owner. We paid $30 each for fossicking and a factory tour. Don gave us a pick, a plastic bag to put  our Thunder eggs in and a bucket of water to rinse them in and led us over to the fossicking area, apart from thunder eggs, there was also some sort of lava glass. I liked the lava glass as it was easy to find, I also found some thunder eggs, Marg was the number 1 thunder egg finder. We spent probably a good hour or two looking for thunder eggs and lava glass, when we finished, Don took us on a guided tour of their Pewter casting operations, that was brilliant. When that finished, we checked out Don's rock garden, a big mistake, because most of the rocks were for sale. We bought a 6 kilo chunk of picture jasper, and chunks of mookaite that lightened my wallet by $87, good value.
We finally left Mount Hay after 3.5 hours and was more than pleased with our day's outing. It exceeded both our expectations.

Mount Hay fossicking area.

If you pass this sign, then you are in 'deep shit'.

Mount Hay fossicking area.

Marg, hard at work.

Marg, still hard at work.

Mount Hay buildings.

Don cutting our Thunder eggs, Marg checking something out.

On the way back to Rocky.

Back at Rocky.

Mount Hay Thunder Egg park.