Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Mount Gibson - Topaz.

Sunday 2nd June 2013
Fossicking at Mount Gibson - 12kms round trip.

It was a cool night and we slept well and I awoke about 6:00am and laid in bed and listened to Macca over Australia on ABC radio.
Marg awoke feeling a bit shabby, so we decided a quick trip to the Mt Gibson fossicking area and then drive to Mount Garnet to use the Internet, as we don't have phone reception at Innot Hot Springs. We left camp at 10:01am and drove the 6 kilometers, well this was the roughest track that we have driven, so far on our fossicking adventures. It was very scary, mainly deep ruts and wash aways, I used 4WD LOW frequently and the mighty Navara handled it very well, but I didn't. We stopped and fossicked at a various spots but with no luck, we did find some quartz but nothing startling The track was getting rougher, and I didn't want to do any damage, so we did a U turn and slowly headed back to camp, driving along that awful track again. I was glad when we got to the gate, and the road was smoother. We will not be visiting Mt Gibson again, as it is too rough for us and we will leave the topaz for more adventurous fossickers.

Back at camp we made a couple of sangas for lunch and drove to Mount Garnet about 15kms west of Innot Hot Springs, we parked opposite the Info Centre and turned on our modem, bingo we have reception, after 1.5 hours, we turned off our laptops and drove back to camp.
I had a nanna nap, when I awoke, we went for a spa or two, they were beautiful, then we sat outside and I had a chilled refresher or two.

Dinner was a scratch meal, I had pizza singles, and Marg made a cheese jaffle. They were YUMMA. A quiet night watching TV.

Tomorrow, we are driving to Atherton 80kms away. If you are on the ball, you will have read that we planned to stay at Innot for 3 nights, but are only staying 2 nights, because fossicking is no good and more importantly, WE DON'T HAVE INTERNET and we are going stir crazy without it.
See we are really 'hooked' on the internet.

A foggy morning.

The start of the horrendous track.

The sign on the gate allowing us in.

Some good parts of the track.

Some good parts of the track.

The Internet junkies.

Mount Gibson - Glittering Star - Location (S17.635010, E145.216183).