Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Fullarton Garnets.

Saturday 9th June 2012
Fossicking for Fullarton Garnets.

We left camp at 8:50am and headed out of town southwards towards the Fullarton river about 45kms away, there we turned onto the gravel tracks, we drove through 4 gates, 3 that Marg had to open and close, across 3 raging rivers, well, they would be raging if there was any water in them, but there wasn't. There were numerous herds of cattle roaming along the track and there were a group of 5 roos, just sunning themselves beside the track, we got to about 50 meters before they bounded off. We arrived at the garnet area after missing a turn, while photographing 3 emus, so we backtracked and continued along the correct route, arriving at the garnet area at 10:33am.
We had the fossicking area all to ourselves, not another soul within cooee. We found a spot and I carried all our gear halfway up the ridge and started digging alongside a rock ledge, we spent a couple of hours fossicking and we found a few garnets.

With the sun beating down on us, we were getting buggered, so we finished fossicking and sat in the shade under the trees beside the mighty Navara and had lunch, it was so beautiful and peaceful with only the sounds of nature.

One of the obstacles.

Close the gate.


Fixing the road. Good luck.


One of our spots.

Looking to the top of the ridge.

Marg in action.

Lunch time.

Plenty of room to park.

Fullarton Garnets
Location (-21.151232,140.841470)