Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Visited The Crystal Caves in Atherton.

Tuesday 4th June 2013
Visited The Crystal Caves in Atherton.

It was a cooler night and we both slept very well and awoke about 6:30am.
While the weather has turned sour, we eventually had brekky and got organised around 10am and drove to The Crystal Caves.

Crystal caves is absolutely magnificent, it cost $17.50 each with the old fart's discount to enter its display and is worth every cent. The ticket allows you to come back many times in the day. It took us over an hour to walk through the display and then to check out their shop. We bought 3 geodes, which we cracked open to reveal beautiful crystals. See photos below.

After leaving there, we drove to Big W for more retail therapy for Marg, then we went to maccas for lunch. The afternoon was spent inside as it drizzled continuously, I watched a few episodes of Revenge, while Marg read and had a nanna nap.

Tonight, dinner will be a scratch meal.

Tomorrow, we drive the 85kms to the Lake Placid Tourist Park in Cairns for 4 nights.

Click on Photo, to view our photos taken during our visit to the Crystal Caves at Atherton.

Sphalerite and quartz crystals.

Quartz crystals.

Dolomite crystal cluster with Pyrite.

Citrine - Brazil.

Marg and the Empress.

The Empress and I.

Marg beside the Reflective pool.

The Crystal caves hotrod.

Admit one.

Geode No: 1.

Geode No: 2.

Geode No: 3.