Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Agate Creek - Agate.

Sunday 26th May 2013
Day trip to Agate Creek - 244kms round trip.

It was a cool night and for some unknown reason, we slept pretty shithouse, we were both awake before 6am.
We went on the internet for awhile and were all organised and left at 7:31am, heading for Forsayth (40kms away with 15kms of corrugated gravel), where we turn right and drive a further 70kms on gravel.
We are off and at 15km mark, we hit the gravel road and parts of it shook our fillings out, thank god for the 29km mark, we hit a beautiful sealed section with painted white shoulders, everything you want in a road. At about 1km from Forsayth, we turned right and headed towards the Cobbold Gorge and Agate Creek, after 1 km we were back on the gravel road, but it was not as bad as what we had just experienced, there were still more corrugations, but not as bad as before. Our only problem was the number of cattle that decided to cross the road in front of us on numerous occasions. We arrived at the 1st Agate Creek Caravan park just inside the fossicking area at 9:22am. We decided to drive right through the Agate Creek area to its southern boundary then visit each area on the way back to here. SO we drove another 11kms to the Safari Camp. We passed a sign saying that the Safari Camp was Closed and when we arrived there, there was another sign saying that it was closed, so we were a bit surprised to find 2 camps all setup with generators going, but no humans about. We walked around an overgrown camp, the 'deluxe' cabins were falling down we found a few bits of agate, then we started driving back to the Northern side of Agate Creek, stopping frequently to have a 'scratch around'.

After just on 4 hours of fossicking in the sun, we decided that we had found heaps of agate bits and some other rocks, so we started to head homewards. Just as we were passing Crystal Hill, I noticed a 4WD right on top of the Hill, it looked like Billy's, so we did a U turn and drove up this rough track. To get to the top I had to use 4WD LOW and we managed to fit beside Billy's 4WD on the summit. Billy was about 50 meters away fossicking for some crystals. He walked back to us, we chatted for a few minutes, then Billy, who is staying Agate Creek for a few days, was off heading towards Safari Camp to keep fossicking, Marg and I had lunch on the summit and then continued on our journey homeward.

When we arrived at the turnoff just outside of Forsayth, we decided to visit downtown Forsayth, now don't forget that it is Sunday, as far we could see there weren't any shops open, so we parked under some trees and had a short break before driving the 40kms back to Georgetown and those 14kms of bloody awful corrugations.
We arrived back at camp at 3:58pm and were absolutely knackered, after I had a very refreshing shower in the amenities block, I got a 'second wind' and emptied all our haul into buckets of water to soak, while tomorrow, we will sort out our rocks.

Dinner was warmed up macaroni cheese leftovers from last night and absolutely YUMMA. Marg is in bed and asleep by 8:30pm.

Tomorrow, we are re-visiting the Ted Elliott Mineral collection, so I can take photos and after that we will sort out today's haul of rocks.

Click on the above Photo, to view our photos taken during our daily visit to Agate Creek.

Only 79 more kms to go - This sign is just outside Forsayth.

Move your bums.

The gravel road.

We made it.

The Northern Camping Ground.

11 kms to the Safari camp at the southern end.

One of the 'modern deluxe' cabins. Maybe not.

Pyramid Rock.

This bull refused to move, so we drove around him.

Billy and Marg on the summit of Crystal Hill.

Billy leaving us.

Crystal Hill in the background.

View from the summit of Crystal Hill.

Agate Creek fossicking area. (North and South Campgrounds).