Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Fossicking in White Cliffs, NSW.

Friday 3rd May 2013
Sightseeing and Fossicking in White Cliffs.

We awoke around 6:30am and laid in bed and watched Kochie's Sunrise, I did sneak out of bed and put the heater on, it was 4.5° outside (my reading) and around 8° inside. After the fiver warmed up past 20° I got up and put on my trakky daks and top and uggies. A great look!. We had brekky and got into our fossicking gear and headed off along the tourist drive, looking for any fossicking areas. They all look the same. The 'mullock heaps' are the used gravel that the miners dig out of their mines and discard after checking it for any quality opal, so most of the tourists look through their discards and consequently, you don't find much, but it is a bit of fun looking. We did find some small bits, literally small maybe upto 10mm or smaller. After trying 3 or 4 different areas with similar success (bugger all), we drove back to camp for lunch.

After lunch we went sightseeing to:
  • Maccas Opal sales - couldn't find it, there were no signs anywhere.
  • Red Earth opal Cafe and Showroom - checked it out and had coffee and scones, jam and cream.
  • The Cave Cottage - was next door, but couldn't see much.
  • Brian Moore's Opal Showroom - couldn't find it, there were no signs anywhere.
  • Donna-Lee and Ron's Top Level Opals - met Donna-Lee and checked out her showroom, just before a bus load of 'oldies' arrived, so we snuck out.
  • Historic Solar Power station - it was only open from 1997 - 2005
  • The Stubbie House - a house made of stubbies, the current female owner didn't show much interest in us, I did buy a White Cliffs stubbie holder.
  • Bill O'Reilly Oval - overgrown and dead from lack of water, I don't think that Bill would be impressed.
  • Jock's Place - didn't get to it.
  • Underground Motel - visited it yesterday and had a coffee.
  • Aussie Southern Cross Opals. - visited it yesterday, Russ the owner's son was extremely helpful.
Spent the remainder of the afternoon, just relaxing and swatting flies. As they say here, there are no 'single' flies, only married ones with huge extended families.

Emus are very common and not that afraid.

Marg in action.

and still going strong.

With all this gravel around, we still found bugger all.

Top Level Opals showroom.

Historic Solar Power Station.

White Cliffs Opal Pioneer Caravan and Camping Tourist park.

Check out the 'terrible' weather.

White Cliffs Opal Pioneer Caravan and Camping Tourist park.

Some of the houses.

Some of the houses.

Some of the houses.

Mining shafts are everywhere.

Marg still couldn't find much.

There is a tourist road which circles White Cliffs and you stop and fossick nearly anywhere.