Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Thackaringa Station Garnets - Broken Hill.

Monday 29th April 2013
Garnets at Thackaringa Station - 57kms round trip.

Before fossicking at Thackaringa Station you need to obtain permission from the land owner.

After dressing and having brekky, we headed off to the Thackaringa Garnets area a distance of 28.6kms to where we parked, then we had to walk and carry all our fossicking gear with us. We took Harry Hema Navigator GPS with us, as I had marked some fossicking on him. It turned out to be 1.2 kms to the fossicking area. We walked around for awhile without finding anything, until hawkeyes (Marg) found a garnet about an inch square. Before that we were losing interest, but after that we went back to the area that Trev had told us to visit and away we went, Garnets were becoming visible everywhere. We ended up with about 50 plus garnets, we were rapt. Now these garnets are not your gem quality, but some are big enough, that I may be able to cut slivers, so Marg can make a pendant. We decided that we had enough garnets and packed up and walked back to the mighty Navara. We had spend a good 2 hours fossicking.

We drove back to camp arriving at 12:06pm. We emptied all the garnets into a bucket of water but that didn't clean them. Trev had told us that all the rocks in the area have some sort of coating, he did tell us, but I forgot what it was called. So they will have to wait until we get home before they will be cleaned.

Where are those tricky Garnets hiding?

Are they hiding here? Nope.

This looks promising. Thanks Trev.

Marg found them, in the dry crevice.

A picture is worth 'a billion words'.

And you wonder why we love fosicking.

Marg making her way downhill.

We had to scale that mountain or was it a slight rise.

We parked over near the water tanks.

Marg's favs.

The rest of our haul.

Garnets location is S32.038813, E141.179518.