Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

Corona Station Amethyst - Broken Hill.

Tuesday 30th April 2013
Amethyst at Corona (MacDougalls Well) - 195kms round trip.

Before fossicking at Corona Amethyst you need to obtain permission from the land owner The Amethyst is actually located on MacDougalls Well, not Corona Station.

We set the alarm for 6am, woke up, got up and onto the internet. Made lunch and met all the group from Sunday's fossicking expedition except Trev, someone had to work and Trev draw the short straw. He was missed.
So our group was Graham and Glenis who bought Ross with them, Brian and Sharon and Marg and me. We met on the outskirts of Broken Hill opposite the Rifle Range at 8am, as we were last to arrive on Sunday and it was just over the road from us, we left about 7:40am so we would be first there. We were last again and still 10 minutes early. Go figure.

Graham was lead car again, followed by Brian with Marg and I bringing up the rear, covered in dust. We drove 25.6kms from the Rifle Club to Yanco Glen, where we turned left onto Corona Rd, for 53.2 kms until a 90° left hand corner (-31.266775, 141.418705). This is where you turn right onto a track with a windmill and a gate which are not visible from the road. At this stage you need permission to access the track to the Amethyst fields. It is 11.3kms along the track to the Amethyst Fields. We arrived at the area at 9:44am, so it was an easy 1.75hr drive from Broken Hill to the fossicking area. All I can say is 'thank god' for Graham our leader because I am sure that I could NOT find the fossicking areas, both today and on Sunday for the Kyanite without him. It is very difficult. I now have an Ozi Explorer 'track' for each area, if you are interested, send me an email.

All the areas that we visited have been well fossicked over the years, for example, Ross first came to these fields in the 1970s. Marg and I were happy with what we found, which consisted of green quartz, little bit of amethyst(which should polish up well) and a piece of Azurite. The Azurite was found right beside our car. So we assume that someone dropped it there. Thanks whoever did that.

We arrived home at 3:40pm after another great day fossicking.

Click on the above Photo, to view more fossicking and 4WD photos taken at Corona Station.

Road Conditions sign. We met here at 8am.

Stations in the area.

The joys of being last in our convoy. Very dusty.

Corona Road, only 53kms of gravel.

We stopped on the way.

Me in the Amethyst field.

1st fossicking spot.

2nd fossicking spot.

Nearly home.

Green amethyst.

Amethyst - nice dark colour.

Some of Marg's favs.

Beautiful views.

Lunch time - just beautiful.

Beautiful views.

Corona Station Amethyst - Broken Hill.