Frosty's Fossicking Frolics

This is the summary of our 2013 trip.

I thought that we had about 200kgs of rocks, so as I unpacked all the bags, I weighed them.
Well, was I wrong, no wonder the mighty Navara was sitting low at the back. (It wasn't really). This trip was to visit as many fossicking sites that we could. Next year we will have nowhere near this amount.

Here is our list of rocks and weight.

  • Broken Hill Kynaite 20.4kgs single chunk
  • Broken Hill Kynaite & Devils Dice 10.4kgs
  • Broken Hill Corona Station Amethyst 17.4kgs
  • Broken Hill Thackaringa Garnets 10.2kgs
  • Yowah gypsum 10.2kgs single chunk
  • Yowah gypsum 23.6kgs single chunk
  • Yowah Boulder Opal 11.6kgs
  • Yowah Nuts and others 9.8kgs
  • Eulo Boulder Opal 5kgs single chunk
  • Opalton Boulder Opal 5kgs
  • Amethyst Castle Amethyst 39kgs
  • Mary Kathleen Calcite & Malakite 13.2kgs
  • Agate Creek Agate 36.6kgs
  • Mt Hay Rhyolite & Thunder Eggs 11.2kgs
  • Mt Hay Azurite 2.6kgs single chunk
  • Dicky Beach Nice rocks 4kgs
  • 1971Sharon Agate 20.8kgs
  • Wallangra Quartz in Tourmaline 37kgs
  • Bellata Agate 16.6kgs
  • Somewhere on our trip Others 12.8kgs
Total weight: 317.4Kgs

Also found topaz, sapphires and other gems.
We had over 20 woollies bags of rocks.

I really do like my 'single chunks'.

Our total haul.

Top - Gypsum x 2
Middle - Kyanite
Bottom - Blue Lace Agate, Quartz in Tourmaline, Bornite.

Quartz in Tourmaline.


Zig Zag Amethyst from Quamby.

Blue Lace Agate.

Found during our trip - Polished at home.

Found during our trip - Polished at home.