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About Us.

  Wayne is 61 and until 31st May 2007, worked for the NAB for approx 35 years. The NAB, in their infinite wisdom,
thought that it was more benefical to outsource my area to India. Consequently, I was jobless and had the opportunity
to retire, which I grabbed with both hands.

Marg was a 'child bride' and is now a retired primary school teacher with approx 38 years experience.

In May 2007, we ordered our 5th Wheeler from Phil at Trailblazers RV and in July we purchased a Nissan Navara STX as the tug.
In 2008, Marg took a year off work and we went 'gray nomading' up the east coast of Australia.

Update Sep 2008:
I have now been retired since May 07 and we have just finished our 4 month trip to Outback Queensland. This stage of
our life is absolutely marvellous. Thank God, we have our health and while we do, we are enjoying life to the max.
We can't wait for 2009 to commence our next major trip. (see map below).

Update as at 16th Feb 2009:
Marg has now officially retired, but she is planning to do emergency teaching during Terms 1 and 4, while during Terms 2 and 3,
we will be touring the big, brown land.
We plan to leave on Tuesday 7th April and do an overnighter at Narrandera CP, then spend Easter at Leighton's Peak Hill CP
with Pat and Cheryl who also own a small 5th wheeler like ours.
Tuesday 14th April, our trip then starts in earnest as we head off to Port Augusta via Broken Hill. Yippee....

Update as at 30th Aug 2009:
We have just finished our 4.5 month trip from Melbourne to Port Augusta, Darwin, Cairns, Gold Coast (to visit our boys) then back home to Melbourne.
Our life is still absolutely marvellous. Thank God, we still have our health and while we do, we are enjoying life to the max.
Looking forward to April 2010, when we leave for the Gold Coast via Perth, to visit our boys.
In the meantime, Marg has a teaching gig from Mon 31st Aug until Xmas, while I have to ride my bike to Docklands to have coffee with my
former work mates and just generally, have a ball.
Shit, Life is tough.

Update as at 20th Jan 2010:
After Marg's teaching gig, we have learnt that she will not work full time again. She is over it.

Update as at 25th Mar 2010:
During February, we had the fiver back at Phil's for a service and while there I had a shelf built to house all my computer and telecommunications stuff.
It worked beautifully.
Between 11th and 16th March, we stayed at Beechworth, which was a shakedown run and everything worked as planned.
We leave on Wednesday 7th April and plan to stay at Swan Hill (Wed night), then Kingston on Murray (Thur night) and Port Augusta (Fri night)
then will head towards Port Lincoln or may stay in between, if some place takes our fancy.

Update as at 22nd May 2010:
Boy, how your plans can change unexpectantly, Dad has an accident, which is serious enough to bring your current trip, to a screaming halt.
Well good news, Dad is recovering quickly enough, that Marg and I now plan to start our 'new' trip to Qld in June.

April 2010 The Saga of Dad's accident.

Update as at 5th Oct 2010:
Arrived home from Qld on Sat 25th Sep 2010 and Completed Sandown Leisurefest weekend 3rd Oct 2010.

Update as at 12th Jan 2011:
Brisbane CBD Floods
Our 2 sons both work in Fortitude Valley and live on the Gold Coast. At approx 11am Tuesday 11th, they left work and drove
home to the Gold Coast, arriving home, all safe and sound. Luckily, they had driven into work together, usually they catch
the train. Leaving Fortitude Valley around 11am, the traffic southward was flowing ok, but there was a smash northbound and
the traffic had come to a stop. They plan to work from home for the next few days. There maybe a problem with that, as if the
electricity is turned off at work, then they cannot login to work. Unlucky.

Our heart goes out to everyone impacted by these floods.

Update as at 7th Feb 2012:
We arrived home from our lap of Oz on Wed 28th Sep after leaving home on Fri 1st Apr 2011.
I also drove our rig around Sandown motor racing circuit at Sandown Leisurefest weekend 7th-9th Oct 2011.

While at home, I regularly ride my mountain bike approx 185kms per week, I love my cycling.

Update as at 4th May 2014:
Sorry for my tardiness in updating this section.
We try and go away for Melbourne's winter and ending up on the Gold Coast visiting our 2 sons and families.
When home, I plan for our next year's adventure plus riding my Mountain Bike 3 or 4 times a week now averaging 200 - 250 kms weekly.